Fraser residence promenade is a beautiful modern building

Building a residence near river coast or owning a house near river coast is dream of all people but in most of case that dream cannot be fulfilled due to many reasons. May be land problems or due to budget or even it may due affordability to builders but all your dreams are full filled by several builders. Are you in Singapore? Then your dreams are going to be real, yes now your dreams are made true by Fraser Residence Promenade. It is a Fraser’s property development located to the right of heart of Singapore river coast. The site is under reserve in the list of government land. When the government has arranged for government land sales programme where the land is became Fraser’s property. The Fraser residence is a well known promoter land which has more demand in the central city. Most of the sites are near to several essential amenities such as shopping malls, close to many enjoyments and natural sites. The Fraser Residence Promenade which is located on Singapore River promotes the trendy life style.

The projects of Fraser residence promenade

The Fraser residence promenades have succeeded in their two projects in jiak kim street and in great world city. Both property offers are unique projects of Fraser residence promenade. The Fraser Residence Promenade Condo offers a several benefits to family enjoyment in addition they also provides real estate services with five class’s asset which are listed below.

  • Fraser’s residence promenade established large residential properties more than ten different countries.
  • The residential areas include villas, apartments, bungalows, duplexes and even more.
  • Fraser residence has powerful network in hospitality business expanded in more over 80 cities which includes maximum ten metropolitan cities.
  • They also offers discounts in booking rooms all over the world their premium services offered exciting destinations to the customer.
  • They are most renowned for offering best commercial and Business Park all over the world for business man or entrepreneur.
  • They also make their place in real estate they offers malls on customer based design and architect.

The Fraser residence promenade is dedicated professionals who are capable to manage the industrial and logistics works for their clients in efficient manner. There are several renewed companies are tenants of the Fraser’s residence promenade. So if you wish to have residence near Singapore coast then better place to contact is Fraser’s residence promenade.