Which is better online movie streaming or downloading?

You recently started watching your favourite movies on your mobile or laptop. You are using online movie streaming services and are even downloading some of them for your use. You love to watch movies on the go, but are confused whether to stream the movie or to download it. Here we are going to dissect what it means to download and stream movies online.

Should one download a movie or stream it?

Many sites that you come across like Netflix, Viu, Hulu, putlocker are the ones which lets you stream movies on their app and you can watch it on the go. Streaming is like temporarily borrowing of the movie, once you are finished with it you can watch others out there. It is available in both HD and SD view.

Downloading means owning the thing, you can find many sites which let you download the movie on to your laptop or mobile and one can watch them whenever they want.

Both of them have their own limitations and benefits. Let’s have a look at some pointers and understand what is better or more appropriate to you.

  • Streaming a movie means using your data pack constantly, which can empty your limited data plan and your battery pretty fast.
  • Online movie streaming is preferred as you won’t require any storage space to save the movies you want to watch. Think of all the movies you can stream and watch, to store so many movies you will require too many storage devices.
  • Streaming is only possible if you have continuous high speed data, so if you are travelling to a place where you may not have data connection, you would not be able to watch any movie.
  • In this scenario downloading the movie works great, as you can watch it offline as well.
  • Downloading movies require quite a space on your device, if you are watching on laptop then it may be ok, but on smartphone one doesn’t have that much space to store as many movies.

If you are travelling and have limited data plan, offline viewing is best as you may need your data plan for other things. Downloading the movies will work in this scenario. If you are at home with Wi-Fi or unlimited data plan, online movie streaming opens up a whole new horizon for all the movie lovers out there!!